Beekeeper and UKG partner to Digitally Enable Your Workforce

Beekeeper is integrated with UltiPro and Kronos Ready & Dimensions to support your frontline workforce. Bring communications and tools together to increase productivity, agility, and safety.

Make a Measurable Impact

Streamline communications and prove your impact 

with powerful channels and analytics.

Increase engagement

Reach 85% activation and increase engagement 

by 300%

Reach the right people at the right time

Segment your audience, schedule communication 

and measure engagement in real time. 

Track performance

Collect and benchmark engagement data across

channels, teams, locations and topics. Build a more impactful internal communication strategy.

"The integration between Beekeeper and UltiPro has saved us an hour a day, ensuring that data is synchronized between the systems. Now we can be assured that our employee information is automatically and securely updated and that we are communicating only with current employees of our company.”

Dennis Brewster

HyLife Learning & Development Manager

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Start Mobilizing Your Teams

Designed for Frontline Teams

With Beekeeper, companies achieve rates of over 85% - almost 6 times the industry average. Simply

put, employees love using it. 

Easy User Management

Synchronize users and profile fields with one of the 10+ HRIS platform integrations in our Marketplace, build a custom user sync, or users and groups directly.

One Hub for All Your Digital Tools

Beekeeper provides the flexibility to connect your frontline teams to all of the information and systems they need to do their jobs. 

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