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Reduce managers’ time coordinating between frontline teams and the head office

Communicate critical business updates

Share company-wide updates through posts, chats, and campaigns

Instantly translate content in 100+ languages

Automatically stream slideshows with the latest content on break-room screens

Instantly share safety updates and SOPs

Inform everyone of essential health and safety policies

Get confirmation employees have read safety updates

Respond fast and adapt quickly to changes

Additional features you'll have access to

1:1 messaging, group chats, voice messages

Shift schedules with push notifications

Analytics to monitor engagement

Easy onboarding & user management

Translate content in 100+ languages

Document management & form submission

"Beekeeper helped us achieve better communication with ALL staff, including our manufacturing teams, to ensure they received relevant, timely, and coordinated information. We had no idea that the coronavirus was coming, but it’s safe to say that Beekeeper has made communication in the current climate easier for Apollo."

Mandy Wright

IT Project Manager, Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd 

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