Accelerate Your Start-up's Growth

Beekeeper’s mission is to transform the way 2 billion frontline employees work and we can’t do it alone. In the past years, we teamed up with startups that share our mission. And now, we are seeking the best startups to join our official acceleration program.

Winter Cycle

Open for application - Apply before January 14th 2022

Access To Over 1000 Customers Worldwide

Frontline Organizations are Facing Big Changes Over the Next 10 Years

By 2030 over 400 million workers might have to change occupation caused by automation

In the meantime, 80% of the workforce will be working in a flexible manner 

In 2035 we will reach 1 trillion connected devices worldwide

Is Your Start-up Targeting One of These Spaces?

Upskilling & Training

We are looking for solutions that will prepare workers to meet the demands of the modern workplace, and help organizations onboard and train skilled frontline staff.

Employee Lifecycle Management

We envision an ecosystem that combines digital identity, verification, payment, and career management technologies to unlock the potential of frontline workers over the course of their work life.

Augmented Intelligence

We are interested in solutions that turn frontline workers into super humans with access to the right information and capabilities in the right context.

Organizational Health

We are looking for solutions that help frontline managers improve the productivity and well-being of their teams.

Automation & Workflows

We are looking for solutions that help teams automate workflows, connect tools, and ensure workers’ security, turning each device into an efficiency booster!

Program Requirements

⏰   Submit your application online before July 16th 2021 8pm PST.

🎯   You are an early-stage startup up to Series A.

👷   Strong overlap with Beekeeper's Go-To-Market Focus.

🏆   Demonstrate first success with first customers. 

🧩   Commitment to build a product integration using Beekeeper APIs.

Program Outline

Phase 1: Validate Mutual Fit 

Finding synergies, defining a joint value proposition, go-to-market and integration use cases between our platforms (1 month).

Phase 2: Find Joint Customer

Based on our customer insights we jointly approach selected Beekeeper customers that are the best fit for our joint value proposition (2 - 3 months).

Phase 3: Create Joint Success Story 

In a 3 months proof-of-value you have the chance to create a success story with the first customer. This is surrounded with a press spearheaded by Beekeeper (3 months).

Phase 4: Scale Your Go-To-Market

We tap into the full go-to-market muscle of Beekeeper and get you listed on our Marketplace (2 months).

Your Acceleration Program Benefits

Exposure to 1000+ organizations by partnering up with the essential tool for frontline workers.

Fast-track your go-to-market and get listed in the Beekeeper Marketplace.

PR buzz around the partnership spearheaded by Beekeeper.

Work with our go-to-market experts, that have a deep understanding of frontline worker industries.

Work with product experts and get access to our customer insights.

Access to our network of investors in the US and Europe.

"Beekeeper is the leader in the frontline market, and so partnering with them brings amazing opportunities to a smaller start-up. From marketing to sales and product to engineering, the Beekeeper teams are all interested in putting the best solutions in front of their customers."

Hugh O'Flanagan

CEO & Co-Founder, Lua

Why Over 35 Startups Enrolled

100% Frontline Worker Focus

The first and only acceleration program focused on creating the future workplace of frontline workers.

Fee & Equity Free

No need to pay fees or give up equity to participate. We work hands-on with you to close more business together.

Bring Out The Best in Each Other 

We are straight-forward and committed when there is a win-win situation for our customers, you and us.

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